THREESIXTY positions GoHenry as an industry leader in financial education

THREESIXTY created and launched a compelling thought leadership campaign for GoHenry to place the business at the forefront of the financial education debate in the UK.

The story supported the launch of Money Missions, GoHenry’s in-app financial literacy lessons.

Financial education is currently absent from the curriculum for primary schools and while it does feature on the secondary school curriculum, its implementation is patchy and inconsistent.

Financial education has a vital role to play in improving an individual’s financial prospects. It also provides economic benefits for businesses and the UK economy at large. To raise awareness of this THREESIXTY commissioned a seminal study to tangibly quantify the benefits in pounds.

Headline findings included:

  • Prioritising financial education could add £200bn to the economy by 2050
  • If all adults had the opportunity to receive financial education when they were school age, the boost to annual business formation in the UK could amount to an additional 76,400 businesses each year
  • This would result in an annual increase of 123,000 direct jobs which could reduce unemployment in the UK by over 8%
  • Kids who receive financial education will be £70,000 richer in retirement
  • Financial education could double a child’s earning power

THREESIXTY negotiated an online and print feature in the Financial Times as part of the paper’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign and secured widespread coverage in national and trade media.

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